• j1
    Master in Photography, ECAL, 2016 – 18.
    Graduated with honours.
    Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • j2
    Bachelor in Design, option Photography, 2013 – 16.
    Ecoles de Condé. Paris, France.
  • Exhibitions and Publications
  • k1
    A Man in Public Space.
    Photo festival Urbi & Orbi, 2021.
    Sedan, France.
  • k2
    A Man in Public Space.
    Bieler Fototage Festival, 2021.
    Photoforum Pasquart, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
  • k3
    A Man in Public Space.
    Biennale de l’Image Possible of Liège, 2020.
    Liège, Belgium.
  • k4
    Pictures From Bed.
    Featured in photobook Encore Somnolent,
    Je Déployais mes Oreilles en Fleur,
    Published by Le Rayon Vert Editions, France.
  • k5
    Hola Mi Amol.
    Foam Talent, 2020.
    Group show, touring at Kuhlhaus Berlin, Germany
    and Foam Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • k6
    Pictures From Bed.
    Photo Schweiz Fair, 2020.
    Zurich, Switzerland.
  • k7
    I Have Nothing to Tell You.
    Olympus ‘Recommended’ Fellowship, 2019-2020.
    Touring show at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg,
    Fotografie Forum in Frankfurt, and
    Foam Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • k8
    Latin Lover.
    Kolt Magazin, 2020.
  • k9
    Hola Mi Amol.
    Finalist at Aperture First Photobook Award, 2019.
    Paris Photo, Paris, France.
  • k10
    Hola Mi Amol.
    Photobook, co-published by
    Self Publish Be Happy & ECAL, 2019.
    UK and Switzerland.
  • k11
    Group Show, 2017. Exhibition curated by Foam Amsterdam.
    Les Rencontres d’Arles, France.
  • k12
    Augmented Photography.
    Group Show at Galerie Elac, 2017.
    Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • k13
    MAP Photography Festival, 2016.
    Musée Paul Dupuy, Toulouse, France.
    Awards and Grants
  • m1
    Olympus ‘Recommended’ Fellowship, 2019-2020.
    Grant. Germany.
  • m2
    Finalist at Aperture First Photobook Award, 2019.
    With Hola Mi Amol, 2019.
    Award. Paris Photo, USA / France.
  • m3
    Finalist for Fashion Picto Award, 2019.
    Award. Maison Européenne de la Photographie.
    Paris, France.
  • m4
    Pro Helvetia Photobook Publishing Award, 2019.
    Grant. Switzerland
  • m5
    Promotion Relève de la Photographie, 2018.
    Grant. Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia.
  • m6
    Unseen Dummy Awards, Unseen Festival, 2018.
    Finalist. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • m7
    3rd place VFG Swiss Young Talent Award
    for Photography, 2018.
    Award. Switzerland
  • m8
    Excellency Prize within the fields of
    Design & Visual Arts, 2018.
    Award. HES-SO. Switzerland.
  • m9
    Bourse du Talent, 2016.
    Award & Grant. MAP Photography Festival.
    Toulouse, France.